Anywhere She Goes

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In Development

Yana, a 20-something Ukrainian ex-pat living a privileged professional life in cosmopolitan NYC, returns to visit her family for the first time since the beginning of the war in the East of Ukraine. She is dismayed by her family’s new reality and now has to reconsider where she wants to live and who with.

Project Status

The Ukrainian State Film Fund is providing 50% of financing.

The project is part of ScripTeast Screenwriting Lab that had sessions in Poland, during Berlinale, and in Cannes 2017.

Indie Film Clinic is providing pro bono legal advice.

AbelCine is providing substantial equipment discounts.

Has been part of Micromarket (London, UK), Connecting Cottbus: Focus on Ukraine.

Was selected for Transatlantic Partners 2017, with sessions in Berlin and Halifax.

We are fiscally sponsored by Fractured Atlas, which makes all the donations to the film tax-deductible.


Yana, a 20-something Ukranian ex-pat living a professional life in NYC needs money for the new apartment she rents with her friend.  To obtain the money, she visits her parents in Ukrainian city of Chernivtsi and surreptitiously tries to cash in a valuable stamp collection her father had assembled over the years as her dowry.  Once in Ukraine, Yana is forced to face the direct and indirect effects of the war on everybody around. Her sister, Alina, is enlisted to fight, her dad remains bed-ridden because he’s lost Alina’s care and Mom is forced to take shifts as a watch-woman in a dorm. Nothing will be the same for this family, and it is falling apart, just like the country. It is unclear if Yana will return to the States or not now that her eyes are open. It turns out the stamp album is not as valuable as she believed and her family struggling more than she knew.

Bohdana’s connection to the story

The film is about Yana’s homecoming from New York, where she lives, to Ukraine, where her brother is drafted to war.

As a filmmaker, I have always been interested in depicting mixed messages between people. For years I have been watching how gender, country of residence, or age can shape people’s expectations of each other. My main characters are women who must find the balance between serving their own needs, taking care of other people, and rising to the expectations that are placed on them.

Anywhere She Goes is a film about a home that is not there anymore, and the sense of helplessness that drowns people when they realize it.  The camera will seek and linger on the beauty in everyday life much like our lead character, Yana, who survives by stealing the moments of happiness she finds in the world.

Why this film is important?

The tragedies of war are universal and the context for this story is familiar to those who have experienced any big loss, be it the death of a loved one, immigration, or a natural disaster. While the film is war-related, it touches upon important subjects of home, comfort, safety, peace, and belonging. This movie will speak to how one woman makes sense of her life against the chaos happening in her homeland.

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