Short films directed by Bohdana

Her Seat Is Vacant

Her Seat Is Vacant from Bohdana Smyrnova on Vimeo. (17 min, 35mm, drama, Ukraine/USA, 2010) Vira, a forty-year-old Ukrainian immigrant in New York, is preparing for her sister’s funeral. Amongst all her responsibilities, Vira suddenly finds herself falling in love… … Read More

The Haircut

One of the women is washing his hair. Another one is bringing him chicken soup. They pretend there is no competition between them. Producer, writer/director, editor: Bohdana Smyrnova Director of Photography: Jae Choe Sound: Yael Mayorek Light: Vatche Boulgourjan Improvised … Read More

Les demarches de papiers

  (Ukraine 2001, 35mm, b&w) Seventeen years old Alina is in love with imposing Frenchman. Suddenly she’s put out of humour. But not for a long time. Writer/director/producer: Bohdana Smyrnova Editor: Xeniya Len Director of Photography: Dmytro Tyajlov Sound: Myroslava … Read More

Ramona’s New Dresser

(11 min, DV, drama, Ukraine/USA, 2008) When climbing a tree in New York, Polish immigrant Paulina gets a hole in her stockings. Someone’s got to stitch it. Writer/director, editor, executive producer: Bohdana Smyrnova Producer: Sergei Krasikau Director of Photography: Chrstina … Read More