1st Assistant Director

2019 – “Chasing Ghosts”, a feature film by Noemi Schneider (Switzerland/USA, NYU Grad Thesis film)

2018 – “The Giverny Document”, a short film by Ja’Tovia Gary (New York, NY),  premiere in Frank Elbaz gallery (Paris, France)

2018 – “Magic Hour”(additional 1stAD)a feature film by Jackie Christie, starring Miriam Shor

2018 – “Detour” by Brian Peng (NYU thesis film)

2018 – “Payroll”, a short TV pilot by Dennis Williams II

2018 – “Dawn”, a short film by Amy Guggenheim

2017 – “Our Way Home”, a short film by Alexandra Hsu (HBO APA Short Film Competition)

2016 – ‘You Are a Star’, a short commercial for Viacom

2016 – ‘Shift’ by Daniel Poller, short film

2015 – ‘Premier Logistics’ training video for FedEx

2014 – “Kimchi Taco” by Seran Kim (USA), short film

2014 – “Strange Planet” by Jarreau Carillo (USA), short film

2014 – “American Sign Language” by Oscar Sharp (USA), short film

2013 – “The Vixens” (2nd Unit) by Brian Fairbanks (USA), feature film

2013 – “She Lights up Well” by Joyce Wu (USA), feature film, NYU thesis

2013 – “Sabu”, NYU Grad 2nd Year Film short film dir. by Roger Gregory, 35mm

2012 – “Joy de V.” (2nd Unit AD), feature film dir. by Nadia Szold, Slamdance IFF

2010 – “Local Tourists” NYU Grad Film Thesis, short film Dir. by Doug Lenox, 35mm

2009 – “The Hunter And The Swan Discuss Their Meeting”, short film Dir by Emily Carmichael, Sundance Film Festival 2011

2009 – “The Choice” Why Not Us? Production, music video for Jelly, Dir. by Fred Guerrier

2009 – “Odds and Evens” – music video for Babs, directed by Fred Guerrier (over 30.000 hits)

2008 – “Wilted Flower” – music video for Neon Glitter Bliss, dir. by Fred Guerrier (MTV LOGO)

2008 – “Over Lunch” by Doug Lenox (NYU)

2008 – “Youthenasia” by Nikyatu Jusu (NYU)

2008 – “Saturday Morning Blues” by Yvonne Shirley (NYU)

2007 – “African Booty Scratcher” by Nikyatu Jusu (NYU,)

2004-2005 – “The Lion’s Journey” by Georg Misch (Austria)

2001 – “Little Travel on Big Merry-Go-Round” by Mykhaylo Illyenko (Ukraine)

2000 – “Dust” * by Michale Boganim (UK)