Producer / Production Manager


In Development – “Anywhere She Goes”, feature film

In Development – “Photographers” by Helga Olshvang 

2016 – “At Least You Are Here”, short film dir. by Kristen Swanbeck (What’s Her Face , 7 Cinema Series, Festcurtas Belo Horizonte, Wiz-Art Film Festival, Beacon Indie Film Festival, NYWIFT Screening at Museum of Moving Image, Janela Internacional de Cinema do Recife, LA Film Festival, KISFF)

2012 – “Grace Chang’s Magical Courtyard”, aimed for Asian TV, pilot puppet show, (Red Scarlet)

2010 – “Between Josie and Maria”, NYU Grad Film Thesis, short film Dir. by Kristen Swanbeck (4 awards)

2010 – “Plan B” (Associate Prod.), NYU Grad Film Thesis, short film Dir. by Sarah-Rose Meredith (Wasserman Award)

2010 – “Her Seat Is Vacant”, 17 min, 35mm (NYU)

2010 – “My Body In Your Hands”, 35mm (NYU)

2008 – “Ramona’s New Dresser”, 11 min, DV, (NYU)

2006 – “The Haircut” 6’30”, DV, improv. (NYU)

2006 – “Before Vinnie’s House Burned”, 4’30”, DV, doc. (NYU/Ukraine)

2006 – “Dad, Look…” 3’30”, 16mm (NYU)

2004 – “I Don’t Give a Shit About Your Calculus!” 20 min, DV

2001 – “Les demarches des papiers”, * 10 min, 35mm

1999 – “Fried Eggs” 10 min, 35mm

Production Manager
2015 – “Lucid Swing”, short film by Fatma Collins
2010 – “So Over You”, NYU Grad Film Thesis, short film Dir. by Karen Odyniec
2004– “L’ami hollandais” by Pieter Jan Smit (Netherlands)