2020 – “Unconformity”, a feature film by Jonathan DiMaio
2019-20 – Idemspark video promotion campaign

2019 – Huntsman, brand promo video with Cedric the Entertainer

2019 – “Stuttering:Standing:Still” a documentary by Marika Maiorova about an artist McArthur Binion (in postproduction) 

2018 – “Fire On The Moon”, performance promo video 2

2018 – “BodyMore” by Darren Mallett (Best Baltimore Short Film at Baltimore Black Film Festival; LA Black Film Festival;

2018 – «Sens Dessus Dessous», an Indiegogo video by Matamba Kombila, a project for hearing impaired children in Gabon,  FCP7

2016 – “Stalin’s Secret Genocide”, an educational doc film by Andrea Chalupa, commisioned by Canada government

2015 – “Affection”, a short film by Chiahao Chou, FCP7

2015 – “Stormy!”, a short film by Gabriella Campagna, FCP7

2014 – “In Search of a Miracle”, feature doc promo by Konstantin Bojanov, 8 min; 3 min FCP7

2014 – “Q.U.E.E.N.”, NYU grad, a short film Directed by Brittany Fennel, Avid MC

2013 – “David Lynch’s Trip to Ukraine” doc, 20 min, for David Lynch Foundation, FCP

2012 – “Young At Heart” SVA grad thesis, a short film by Stephanie Pisano, FCP

2012 – “Ben’s Morning” SVA grad thesis, a short film by Tsyen Shen, FCP

2012 – “Two Ladies and a Gentleman’, NYU grad, a short film by Brooke Goldfinch, Avid MC (Sarasota FF)

2012 – Acting reel for Kristina Klebe, feat. Bruce Willis, Isabella Rosselini, Uma Turman etc., FCP

2010 – “Swami Meets Rabbi’ Integral Yoga Insistute, Avid MC

2009 – “Videoletter” (doc, Ukrainian TV)

2008 – “Saturday Morning Blues” by Yvonne Shirley (NYU)

2008 – “RAMONA’S NEW DRESSER” 11min, DV (NYU)

2006 – “The Haircut” 6’30”, DV, improv. (NYU)

2006 – “Before Vinnie’s House Burned” 4’30”, DV, doc. (NYU)

2006 – “Dad, Look…” 3’30”, 16mm (NYU)

2004 – “I Don’t Give a Shit About Your Calculus!” 20’, DV